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Engaging personnel to strategy process and making sure your strategy is implemented in a lean way.


Engaging personnel in transformation and implementing it in a lean way.


We offer an efficient way to ensure that your business is back in track quickly and everyone can focus to grow your business.


Involving everyone to find ways to improve your business.


Are you ready to grow your business by placing digitalization on the core of your strategy? We help you to evaluate and engage your personnel and stakeholders to utilise the full potential of digital business.


Helping to find growth within the organisation, engaging and energising everyone to act on that.


We help you to find out the facts beyond the figures. You will get a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s current status and feelings.


New markets in sight? Finding relevant information from your organisation and stakeholders to form a comprehensive picture of trends and opportunities. We can also help you to grow your capacity to operate in global markets.


Forming a sustainability programme by involving your stakeholders.


Finding tacit knowledge, hidden ideas and innovations and evaluating them. We help you to form a programme to take your innovations further – in a lean way.


ActiveInspire was established in 2004 to improve strategy implementation by utilising organisation’s tacit knowledge in decision making. ActiveInspire has developed a method which enables to filter so called social media biases. By using our brainstorming methods the people, that usually are left out from the decision-making or are more quiet ones in the meetings, can be heard. With ActiveInspire’s online tool the brainstorming is always anonymous. Read more


ActiveInspire has accomplished over 200 projects since 2004. Our services are not related to a specific industry. Our customers include large corporations, SMEs and the public sector. Read more


Our partners have extensive experience in strategy and transformation processes both as consultants and as former employees of large corporations. In addition, we operate through our vast expert network to benefit our customers e.g. in coaching, leadership & team development, digital strategy.

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